The Secret Sound presented by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot (7.26 - 8.9)


Big congrats to Wade from Leola who knew that the current secret sound was a zipper sliding! That won him $400 from Bruno's Powersports of Cabot and 105.1 The Wolf! A new secret sound will start on Monday, August 16th at 7:40am!

Guesses So Far:

The new Secret Sound started on Monday, July 19th on 105.1 The Wolf! Currently there is $300 in the jackpot thanks to Bruno's Powersports in Cabot!

  • Sitting on a leather couch
  • Ripping a check
  • Nails on a chalkboard
  • Shuffling cards
  • Static electricity
  • Rubbing your hand on a pool float
  • Tape gun
  • Making a noise with your mouth
  • Rubbing a balloon
  • Tearing a serrated package open
  • Mic drop
  • Flipping through a book
  • Pulling tape off of a box

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