The Secret Sound presented by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot (4.19 - 6.28.21)


Congratulations to Anthony Skaggs who called in and guessed that the Secret Sound was "breaking a board" and they won $1000 courtesy of Bruno's Powersports in Cabot! Check out the list of guesses made for this sound below, and keep listening for a new Secret Sound coming soon on 105.1 The Wolf!

Guesses So Far:

The new Secret Sound started on Monday, April 19th on 105.1 The Wolf! Currently there is $1000 in the jackpot thanks to Bruno's Powersports in Cabot!

  • Slamming a door
  • Cracking a bullwhip
  • Nail gun
  • Snap & Pops
  • Gunshot
  • Door shutting
  • Water bottle popping
  • Flyswatter
  • Throwing a board against a wall/on the ground
  • Dropping a piece of wood
  • Popping a balloon
  • Beaver slapping tail in the water
  • Catching a baseball
  • Firecracker
  • Nail gun
  • Dropping a 2x4 on the ground
  • Using a flyswatter
  • Dropping a book
  • Clapping hands
  • Mouse trap
  • Screen door slamming
  • Bubble gum popping
  • Busting open a can of biscuits
  • Party popper
  • Hammer hitting a nail
  • Car backfire
  • Judge's gavel banging
  • Putting a metal lid on a trash can
  • Bat hitting a baseball
  • Closing a window

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