The Secret Sound presented by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot!

The Secret Sound is brought to you by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot, the largest Massey Ferguson dealer in the U.S.! Check them out at!

Listen at 7:40a each weekday to guess the secret sound and win the cash. If there's no correct guess, we'll add an additional $100 to the amount for the next week.

$900 up for grabs the week of August 10th-August 14th!

Current Guesses for the Secret Sound (started June 15th, 2020)

-Sliding a drawer

-A zipper

-Starting a lawn mower

-Ice in an ice machine dropping

-A drawer closing

-A sewing machine

-Pulling a paper towel from a paper towel dispenser

-A paper cutter

-An adding machine

-A rotary telephone

-A filing cabinet drawer

-An adding machine

-A cash register drawer opening

-An old time cash register

-No guess (July 3rd)

-A turnstile

-Closing a file cabinet drawer

-A drive thru window

-A pull rope on a lawnmower

-A jukebox turning pages

-A money counting machine

-A slot machine

-Opening an umbrella

-Rotary dial

-Using a hand saw

-An old time cash register

-Sliding your credit or debit card

-An old time paper cutter

-Opening and closing a bank depository

-An old credit card machine

-Someone closing up a ladder

-A three ring hole puncher

-Running a knife through a knife sharpener

-The closing of a file cabinet

-Cutting a watermelon

-A paper cutter

-A tape dispenser

-A weaving loom

-A bad door closing

-A slide projector

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