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The Secret Sound presented by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot!

Congratulations to Gary Campbell from Hattieville for guessing the Secret Sound! He won $1300 thanks to Bruno's Powersports for knowing the Secret Sound was shaking a can of paint!

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The Secret Sound is brought to you by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot, the largest Massey Ferguson dealer in the U.S.! Check them out at!

Listen at 7:40a each weekday to guess the secret sound and win the cash. If there's no correct guess, we'll add an additional $100 to the amount for the next week.

$1300 up for grabs the week of June 8th-June 12th!

Current Guesses for the Secret Sound (started March 16, 2020)

-A boxing bag

-Horse hooves

-Spring door stop

-Paper towel machine

-Old tractor idling

-Spring door stop

-Someone hitting a speed bag

-Boots or shoes in a dryer

-A prize wheel

-Salad strainer that you spin

-Someone hitting a punching bag hanging from the ceiling

-The thing used to make a tin top go around and around

-An adding machine

-Typing on old typewriter keys

-Grocery cart

-A punching bag

-A boxer punching a speed bag

-A boxer punching a speed bag

-An old toy that you push down on the center and it spins around

-Something bouncing around in a vacuum cylinder

-A guinea pig or hamster on an exercise wheel

-A flat tire

-A door stopper

-A sewing machine

-Thumping your fingers on a table real fast

-A horse

-Washing machine that is off balance

-An old copier

-Train going over railroad tracks

-A gas pump

-When you're putting the garage door up and its hitting the track as it is going up

-A paper towel dispenser

-A tap dancer

-Someone hitting a punching bag

-Walking with wooden shoes

-An old typewriter

-Roller coaster or log ride climbing the hill

-Tires on the interstate

-A card shuffler

-A sewing machine

-Somebody running on a treadmill

-Mixing butter in a bowl

-A folding machine in an office

-A paper towel dispenser in a bathroom

-Someone double balling a ping pong ball on a ping pong table

-A soap dispenser

-Walking up a flight of stairs

-Someone playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

-The things used to strap things down like in the back of a truck

-Beating drumsticks on a metal trash can lid

-No guess (Memorial Day holiday)

-Speed bag

-Cranking up a riding lawn mower

-Cranking up a car and it not firing

-Clog dancing

-An atm dispensing money

-Coin counter like at a bank

-Driving over a bridge

-A printing press

-A train going over a trestle

-A nail gun

-Extending a ladder

-Air compressor

-A power painter

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