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Bruno's Powersports Secret Sound!

Congratulations to Charlotte Sentell from Austin, AR for guessing the Secret Sound! She won $600 thanks to Bruno's Powersports for knowing the Secret Sound was scraping toast.

Secret Sound Charlotte Sentell

The Secret Sound is brought to you by Bruno's Powersports in Cabot, the largest Massey Ferguson dealer in the U.S.! Check them out at!

Listen at 7:40a each weekday to guess the secret sound and win the cash. If there's no correct guess, we'll add an additional $100 to the amount for the next week.

$600 up for grabs the week of March 9th-March 13th!

Incorrect guesses so far:

-Tape being pulled off a box

-Shuffling a deck of cards

-Walking in the snow

-Pulling apart Velcro

-Scraping ice off a windshield

-Electric pencil sharpener

-Scraping ice off a windshield

-Milking a cow

-A Xerox copy machine

-Walking on ice

-No guess (holiday)

-Brushing your hair

-A bag of chips

-Chewing ice

-Foam out of a can

-Paper ripping out of a notebook

-Spraying Lysol

-Scraping ice off a windshield


-Pulling tape off a box

-Planing a piece of wood

-Scrapping a shovel on concrete or asphalt

-A Slurpee

-Tearing a cloth

-Pulling Saran wrap off the roll

-Buttering toast

-Sanding a piece of wood

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