JFK FILES: Trump Releases Most, Withholds Some

President Trump allowed the release of more than 2,800 pages of classified documents related to the JFK assassination, but delayed the release of thousands more at the request of the CIA and FBI.

Trump stated that some of the files had to be redacted "because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns," but will be reviewed over the next six months. The release does not appear to contain any major bombshells about the investigation into the assassination. Instead, it includes thousands of reports and interviews with subjects written by investigators trying to find a possible link between Lee Harvey Oswald and groups he may have been working with, including the communists and Cubans.  

Historians were hoping the documents would contain more information about Oswald's contacts and movements in the months before the assassination, including a trip to Mexico City where he met with Cubans and Soviets. None of that information appears to be in the newly-released batch of documents. There are, however, some new revelations that came to light including a phone call to a British journalist tipping off the assassination just 25 minutes before it happened. There is also information which shows that the Communist Party was concerned that the assassination was carried out by a right-wing American group trying to overthrow the government and blaming the Soviets. (NBC News