WEIRD NEWS: Protein Shake Made Me Do It

A London man who walked naked into a women's gym locker room and touched a woman's butt will avoid jail time by using the old "the protein shake made me do it" excuse.

35-year-old Sean Bigby stripped off all of his clothes and walked into the women's changing room. Some women saw him and assumed he must have just made an honest mistake, but then he crept up behind a woman washing her hands in the bathroom and touched her butt. Police were called and he was arrested.

Bigby pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault, but his lawyer argued that the testosterone and protein shakes he had consumed left him with a "fuzzy head" and feeling "confused and disoriented." He claimed he thought he was in the men's locker room. The judge ultimately accepted the far-fetched story and sentenced him to community service. (Daily Mail)