An elderly woman in New York is lucky to be alive, and she has her mail carrier to thank for saving her life.

87-year-old Marie Boyer fell inside her home, where she lives alone, and wasn't able to get up or call for help. She yelled, but her windows and doors were closed, so none of her neighbors could hear her.

Marie remained on the floor for four days, dehydrated and slipping in and out of consciousness. During this time, her mail carrier started noticing something very strange. Lisa Sweeney had delivered mail to her house for 13 years and noticed that she hadn't been taking in her mail and her garbage was piling up outside her house. 

Concerned about her, Lisa called 911 and requested a wellness visit. Police and firefighters broke into the house and finally found Marie on the floor in very bad condition but very relieved that she was finally able to get help. She later found out that it was her mail carrier who was worried enough to call for help. 

The two now have a special friendship. They even get together twice a week at the retirement home where Marie now lives. (

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