Cops Snatch Drug Dealer

An Arkansas woman is facing charges of drug possession and forgery after police found three syringes and drugs hidden inside her private lady parts.

Cops say they stopped Tracy McCoy for reckless driving and had her take a field sobriety test. She insisted that she hadn't been drinking and only took some prescription medicine, but officers brought her back to the station to provide a urine sample and that's when they realized something wasn't right. McCoy was unable to urinate and officers figured out why. It turns out she had stashed three syringes and a folded-up $20 bill inside her vagina. Wrapped inside the bill was a white pill that turned out to be a prescription pain pill.

She was immediately arrested, but before being thrown into the slammer, she made sure to do something to ensure that her next family gathering will be very awkward. She forged her sister’s signature on the arrest paperwork. (KFSM-TV Arkansas)