The death toll from the 7.1 earthquake that devastated Mexico City and the surrounding areas on Tuesday has reached over 200. The killer quake came less than two weeks after the country was hit with another deadly shaker.

Buildings were badly damaged, with some collapsing, including an elementary and secondary school. President Enrique Peña Nieto announced Tuesday night, "There are 22 bodies here – two are adults – 30 children are missing and eight other adults and missing. And workers are continuing rescue efforts."

In Mexico City alone, 49 people were reported dead and 44 buildings were severely damage. According to a tweet from the head of the country's national emergency services agency, 10 others died in the state of Mexico, 55 were killed in the state of Morelos, 32 in Puebla and three in Guerrero.

The quake hit 32 years to the day that another quake killed thousands in Mexico City. Prior to the quake, Peña Nieto had commemorated the 1985 earthquake. (Los Angeles Times)

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