KENNY CHESNEY: Continues to Help Hurricane Irma Victims

Hurricane Irma ripped through the Virgin Islands last week, leaving complete destruction in its wake. Teenage brothers, Jah-Haile Bruce and Jahbioseh Bruce and their grandfather took refuge in their shower on the island of St. John as the storm passed through. Thankfully, the three survived, but they lost their home and everything inside. 

Shortly after, the boys were taken to St. Croix by a private boat sent to pick up evacuees. The plan was to try to make it to their mother in Philadelphia, but there were no commercial fights available off the island. Then Kenny Chesney's private jet showed up. 

This is just a fraction of what Kenny has done for his home away from home. During the storm, several of his friends and their dogs hunkered down in Chesney's house on the island of St. John. Although the house was destroyed, no one was hurt.