HURRICANE IRMA: "Threat in Florida Has Increased"

(UPDATE 5:30 a.m. CENTRAL TIME): Hurricane Irma has so far claimed 10 lives in the Caribbean. (Washington Post)

Hurricane Irma continued to blow through the Atlantic on Wednesday with Category 5 winds of 185 miles per hour. After ravaging the Virgin Islands and Lesser Antilles, it was headed toward the Bahamas, and then Florida and the Southeast U.S. on the weekend or early next week.

The National Hurricane Center issued an update on Wednesday that read, "The threat of direct hurricane impacts in Florida over the weekend and early next week has increased." Along with that warning it said that a hurricane watch would likely be announced on Thursday for portions of the Florida Keys and Florida Peninsula.

According to forecasters, the winds of tropical-storm-strength will likely hit Florida on Saturday with the worst of the storm following on Sunday. Computer simulations have the storm hitting Southeast Florida on Sunday morning, which will likely create extreme danger for the areas from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, but the storm could shift before then. (The Washington Post)

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