HURRICANE IRMA: Headed Toward the U.S. Coast

While Texas is still mopping up after Hurricane Harvey, another powerful storm is headed to the U.S. coast and could make direct landfall on Friday. Hurricane Irma was upped to a Category 4 on Monday with winds clocking in at 130 miles-per-hour.

With the storm headed toward the Caribbean, a hurricane warning is already in effect for Puerto Rico and warning has been issued for parts of Greater Antilles and the Leeward Islands.

It appears the storm will hit the U.S. coast some time early next week, but meteorologists don't have an exact target yet. Areas possible for landfall include Florida, the Gulf Coast and the Carolinas. Florida Governor Rick Scott has already declared a state of emergency. Even if it's not a direct hit, heavy rain and flooding are possible for those areas. (The Washington Post)