HURRICANE HARVEY: Several Dead, Thousands Displaced in Texas

Several people have died and thousands have been displaced in Central Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey, as massive flooding hit city streets and other areas in a weather catastrophe described as "beyond anything experienced."

Families in Houston, America's fourth-largest city, rushed to get out of their homes to escape the flood waters. Rescuers and neighbors helped out those stranded using a variety of vessels and vehicles, ranging from fishing boats and inflatable pool toys to dump trucks.

The National Weather Service tweeted Sunday morning that the flood was "beyond anything experienced," and warned that it wasn't over yet. Texas could be hit by nearly 50 inches of rain, which would be the most in the state's history.

As of Sunday, the National Weather Service said that there had been at least five deaths reported due to Harvey. More than 82,000 residents have lost power in the Houston area, where airports have been closed and hospitals were planning to evacuate. (The Washington Post)

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