The Carrot and the Sick!

A Siloam Springs, Arkansas man is facing charges after he made an ass of himself -- by using a bag of tasty carrots to lure one of his neighbor's donkeys into a spot where he was able to get busy with it.

Everett Compton was arrested after the Whitaker family, who live on the property next door, set up surveillance cameras because their donkeys started acting strange. Shortly after 1:30 in the morning of July 16th, the 49-year-old was caught in the act, but told cops that he was only feeding the critters because they looked hungry.

After a bit of questioning, Compton confessed, saying he had been smoking weed, which always makes him do "sick things." Owner Joyce Whitaker said, "It makes me sick to know that she couldn’t tell nobody and that she was having to go through this and she couldn’t tell nobody."

We'd say Compton should "burro" into the ground in shame. (Arkansas Online)

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