LUKE BRYAN: Headed to American Idol?

Is Luke Bryan in the running for a seat on the judge's panel on the American Idol reboot?

The Hollywood Reporter says that Luke, Lionel Richie and pop star Charlie Puth may be sitting beside Katy Perry when the show returns on ABC. However, producers and the network have declined to comment.

Auditions start on August 17th in Florida.

Talk About It:

  • What about having Keith Urban come back?
  • Katy Perry is reportedly going to make $25 million for being on the show. Word is that Katy's cut will suck up a lot of the show's budget.
  • Luke has made more than $42 million so far in 2017. It's doubtful he'll want to take Katy's leftovers. 
  • And Lionel? He's a legend. Is he willing to take less than a pop artist more than half his age?
  • Let's be honest, Simon Cowell was the show. American Idol sunk after he left and nobody could seem to right the ship.

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