A 75-year-old mystery that's been haunting the village in the Swiss Alps may have been solved. Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin disappeared from their home on August 15th, 1942, but now they may have finally been found.

Last week, a ski resort employee discovered two mummified bodies, wearing World War II-era clothing, buried in ice.

While the identities of the bodies still have to be confirmed by DNA tests, 79-year-old Marceline Urdy-Dumoulin, one of the pair's two surviving offspring, is almost certain that her parents have finally been found.

She said, "You can't understand the relief this means for me. I didn't know my parents; I was 4 years old. But to know where they were was always a question in my mind."

Her only memory of the day her parents went missing is seeing her aunt crying in their house at the bottom of the stairs. Udry-Dumoulin said, "She took me in her arms and held me tight and she was crying." (The New York Times)

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