Teen saves man's life on 2nd day of restaurant job

On only his second day of work at the Skyline Chili restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, 16-year-old Austin Goddard made a great impression on his boss, co-workers and community ... by saving the life of a customer.

Austin was cleaning a table when he saw a stranger who looked like he was struggling.

Austin ran to the man and started doing CPR on him, remembering the life-saving lessons he had learned in 10th grade.

His quick action kept the man’s pulse going until medics arrived and rushed the man to the hospital.

Onlookers were impressed with the way Austin calmly dealt with a scary situation.

A few days later, the man’s family stopped in at the restaurant to share the news that the man was recovering nicely, and even showed Austin a picture of the man enjoying a tray of food from Skyline Chili. (WBTV-TV)

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