A dog in Austin, Texas, has been taking his job as caretaker of his household so seriously that he has pretty much adopted, and now raises, a kitten as his own.

When Taryn and Jenna Choquette decided to help out a stranded kitten named Tuukka two years ago, they realized immediately that Tuukka belonged in their family. But, they were surprised to see how their dog Brady accepted Tuukka, kept an eye out for him, and raised him.

Since meeting Tuukka, Brady treated Tuukka like his own child, which has led to Tuukka acting more like a dog than a cat.

Taryn and Jenna actually refer to the animals as "the dogs" – and to this day, Tuukka will not drink out of a tiny cat bowl. Instead, he only drinks out of Brady's giant water bowl. Tuukka also eats grass with Brady and is very skilled at begging for food.

Whatever Tuukka thinks he is, he's definitely happier with his best friend Brady around. (The Dodo)

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