If you had any doubt about the lasting effects a teacher can have on a student, just think about Judy Keefe and the impact she's had on one former student.

Keefe, an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin, is retiring after 43 years and received a special visit from one particular student who dropped by to thank her for playing a big role in the man he is today.

Houston Texans all-pro defensive end J.J. Watt surprised his old teacher with a retirement cake. He said, "She happens to be the teacher who told me I could play in the NFL. She is one of the biggest inspirations for me – she’s unbelievable."

Keefe has kept in touch with Watt through the years and has also worked for his J.J. Watt Foundation. She says, "He was always a positive role model. He was a great student." (Today.com)

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