Cops, No Robbers

A Florida man ended up with more time off than he intended after calling cops to report being the victim of a robbery -- all because he didn't feel like going into work.

Dominique Jones called 911 on Monday night to say he'd been held up in the hallway of a Howard Johnson Hotel in Jacksonville, and that two men had stolen his wallet and other valuables before fleeing. When interviewed by officers who'd responded to the scene, Jones couldn't describe either of the crooks in any way -- and said he couldn't remember which direction they went when they split.

The deputies called in for backup, including a K-9 unit, and eventually found Jones's wallet, cash intact, in a suitcase in his room. He ended up admitting that he'd made up the story because he wanted to extend his three-day weekend, and he got his wish -- after being tossed in jail for falsely reporting a crime. (WOKV)