Captain Kirk is once again boldly going where no man has gone before, and this time it's for a young boy with a very specific food preference.

Star Trek icon William Shatner recently found out about Everett Botwright, a six-year-old boy with autism, who will only eat Kraft's special Star Wars macaroni and cheese.

Everett's father Reed Botwright made a plea on social media for boxes of the Kraft dinner because he could no longer find the limited-edition product and asked people to direct him to a store that still had them. He wrote, "Do you know where we can find more? We're desperate! See it in a store? Tell us, and we’ll go there! Have some left over? Send it to us, we'll pay!"

Reed's plea went viral and the very next day Shatner sent a tweet to Kraft asking, "Can you possibly help? Even if you still have just the shaped macaroni they can use current product for cheese sauce."

Kraft Heinz's vice president got the message and said, "We were very touched by Everett’s story and the work his father has put in to find him more Star Wars Kraft Dinner." And with that, the company found a warehouse that had 144 boxes of the product and will send them to the Botwright family. They're also sending along other varieties for Everett to sample. (NY Post)

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