Comedian Bert Kreischer is best-known for doing two things during his gigs: One is performing shirtless and the other is getting audience members to donate money to one lucky member of the venue's waitstaff.

Kreischer, whose nickname is "The Machine," recently morphed into a human ATM at a show in Lexington, Kentucky. 

As he does at every show, he asked audience members to hand over a few dollars for his "waitstaff raffle." Each member of the staff puts their name into a hat and then Kreischer draws the lucky name. 

The winner this time was a server named Greg who got so emotional over winning the loot he drew cheers from the audience. Greg then explained that he is a "single dad just working hard" and that his daughter's birthday is coming up.

With that, the audience cheered even more, opened their wallets again, and flooded him with more cash.

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