Video Shows Bison Headbutt Car At Yellowstone

Herd of Bison running through an open field near Delta Junction, Alaska

Photo: Getty Images

Video shared online shows a bison headbutting a vehicle at Yellowstone National Park amid several other recent dangerous incidents within the area.

The footage appears to have been captured by a person traveling in the opposite direction of a Mazda SUV that stopped close to two large bison before one of the mammals charges toward and strikes the vehicle's hood head-on.

YouTube user "xConcertChickx," who posted the video, said vehicles in both directions initially stopped when the other bison was standing in the middle of the road, prior to the larger bison walking over.

"Along comes another bison from the valley, up to the road, much closer to car," the YouTube caption stated. "The larger bison then decides to walk over to the smaller (yet still large) bison. That's when this happened. Just think if he really put all his force into the ram."

The YouTuber wrote that "luckily no one was hurt" during the incident, "not even the bison."

In June, Yellowstone officials confirmed multiple bison attacks took place at the national park within a month-long span via NBC News.

The large mammal charged at a family walking on a boardwalk near the Giant Geyser at Old Faithful and gored a 34-year-old man from Colorado within the group on June 27.

The man's family members didn't leave the area and the bison continued its attack on the victim. The 34-year-old was taken to an Idaho hospital to receive treatment for an arm injury.

The incident took place weeks after a 25-year-old woman was gored to death and tossed 10-feet into the air by a bison at Yellowstone on March 30.

The National Park Service confirmed the woman, who was not identified, was visiting from Ohio in a news release obtained by NBC News on March 31.

Park officials said the woman approached a female bison after it had come near a boardwalk located at Black Sand Basin, in an area close to Old Faithful geyser at the national park.

Officials confirmed the 25-year-old woman was within 10 feet of the bison prior to it impaling and "tossing" her 10 feet in the air on Monday, which caused puncture wounds and multiple other injuries.

The woman was taken to a hospital in Idaho, however, it wasn't clear where she was pronounced dead, according to the National Park Service.

Two other people were also close to the bison when it gored the woman, however, officials didn't confirm whether they experienced injuries.

Yellowstone requires all visitors to stay more than 25 yards away from all bison -- the largest mammals in North America -- as they are capable of reaching speeds of 35 MPH and jumping several feet.

The park's bison population is estimated between 2,300 to 5,500 and the animal has injured more visitors than any other.

Yellowstone warns all visitors to stay more than 25 yards away from all bison, elk, bighorn sheep and moose, as well as at least 100 yards from bears and wolves present at the national park.

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