10-year-old Ellie almost had to celebrate her 10th birthday without her grandmother, but then she got a great idea.

Ellie had planned an Alice in Wonderland-themed party and was excited to celebrate with her friends and her grandmother Rita. But Rita recently underwent spinal surgery and was recovering at a nursing home. When Ellie found out that her grandmother wouldn't be able to come to her party, Ellie decided to bring the party to her.

She reserved a meeting room at the nursing home, called all of her friends and moved the party just so her grandmother could be there.

Ellie and her friends decorated the room without Rita even knowing. When it was time to start the party, she knocked on Rita's door and invited her downstairs where all of her friends were waiting. 

Ellie's mother, Kimber, couldn't be more proud of Ellie. She says, "I don’t know the right word to express my feelings. I am blown away by her heart!” (Huffington Post)

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